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Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us?

Move your retirement savings to FCMB Pensions to enjoy high returns on investment, expert management of your assets, user-friendly and reliable service channels, dedicated relationship manager and so much more.

You can also opt for the voluntary contribution that allows you the liberty to decide the amount you wish to contribute, in addition to your regular contribution.

Commonly Asked Questions

Voluntary Contributions represents contributions which an RSA holder can contribute voluntarily into his or her Retirement Savings Account through an Employer. Features include;

  • Voluntary Contributions like RSA contributions must come from an Employer.
  • Voluntary Contributions are tax-exempt; however, tax will be paid on the income made from investment.
  • Voluntary Contributions helps to increase contributions in Retirement Savings Account of an RSA holder thereby securing comfortable life after retirement as it helps to boost RSA balance.
  • You can make 50 % withdrawal of your Voluntary Contributions once in two years. However, the return on investment would be taxed (not the principal) if withdrawal is made within 5 years from date of first contribution.
  • For Voluntary Contributions, you are at liberty to decide the amount and frequency of contributions monthly or quarterly.
  • Voluntary Contributions attracts return on investment.

To register with us, simply click here OR download our Retirement Savings Account Form here. Fill and walk into our nearest office for submission, view our branch locations via

Yes, you can update your phone number, email address and residential address via our Client Portal.

  • Kindly visit
  • Supply your username and password on our Client Portal
  • Click on sign in
  • Click on Bio Data on the left part of the screen
  • Click on update
  • Go to new information section
  • Enter the details that you wish to update in the New Information section- this could be phone number, email address or residential address along with residential state and Local Government Area.
  • Click submit update
  • After successfully updating your record, you would receive a notification "Data Updated Successfully" and an email will be sent immediately to your registered email notifying you of the record update carried out.

An RSA holder is allowed to transfer his or her RSA from one pension fund administrator to make a transfer to us, kindly click here

Your RSA remains active for life, simply notify your current employer with your RSA PIN, Name and monthly remittance details after which your pension contributions would be sent to the Pension Fund Custodian by your current employer.