In order to ‘get it right, first time!’and ensure that FCMB Pensions was perfectly positioned to offer the best retirement solutions to the working population of Nigeria, we took the following strategic steps:

Simplex Business Solutions Limited

Since incorporation as an Information Technology company, Simplex Business Solutions Limited has remained a forerunner in the development, installation and support/maintenance of customized business software solutions, which cuts across various sectors within the business environment: Financial Institutions, Pension Fund Industry, Health Management Organizations, Leasing Firms and Insurance.

In line with Simplex mission of improving the competitive advantage of our clients and their operational efficiency, we have introduced our Integrated Business Solution (IBS) with over fourteen (14) business software modules, into the Nigerian market with a clientele base of over thirty (30) listed companies in Nigeria.

Simplex Business Solutions Limited is also a Strategic Partner of Qlik Ins. USA, owner of QlikView Business Intelligence Solution. Qlikview is a Business Discovery platform vested with the ability to help business leaders make effective and accurate pro-active decisions in their day-to-day business processes.

With a team made of skilled, dedicated and resilient professional staff, Simplex Business Solutions has maintained its operational and service standards, emerging as the preferred name in the delivery of customised Business Software Solution in Africa.


In line with the provisions of the Act we appointed UBA Pension Custodians Limited a subsidiary of UBA Plc as our Pension Fund Custodian.

The decision to appoint UBA was made partly on the premise that the new scheme is focused on the individual contributor and therefore necessary to choose a custodian bank with an extensive branch network that could offer easy reach to all our contributors.

UBA is one of the largest banks in Nigeria. And with over 428 branches across Nigeria, it also has branches in some African Countries.

Furthermore, pursuant to the Act, the Custodian is required to provide a bond to PenCom for the value of the assets they hold on behalf of contributors. Therefore, considering the financial strength of UBA with over N650 Billion in assets, the bank is undoubtedly positioned to provide such cover and guarantee the safety of contributors’ funds.

Hartford Green Consulting Limited (HGC)

Is a provider of cutting edge Business Consulting in Nigeria. HGC was established to provide unique and innovative solutions to organizations and to measurably enhance their ability to build value, manage risk and improve performance. Hartford Green Consulting is headquartered in Lagos.

Hartford Green Consulting provide a range of consulting services to leading private and public sector organizations in three broad areas: People, Process and Systems. The company have developed strategic alliances that enable them to draw on a network of specialists with expertise in both Public and Private sector with specializations in Defence, Financial Services (Banking and Pensions), Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Consumer Industrial products and services.

Hartford Green Consulting has over the years developed its internal capacity as System Integrators. Worked with clients to develop solutions to drive enterprise processes and performance as well as review and evaluate advanced technologies that have determined the most effective applications for their clients. Their solutions are underpinned with a future proofing approach and so deliver long-term results.

Hartford Green Consulting was the first company to develop indigenous Pension Admin software to meet the Nigerian Pension Act 2004. The Software “EnPower has evolved over the years to meet the demanding changes and evolution of the industry through regulatory changes and technology advancement.

The company offers a range of consulting solutions including SAP Software to its clients and boasts of service delivery first time with projects completing to time and budget.