Individual Pension Plan

The Micro Pension Scheme would cater for the informal sector which has been segmented into three broad categories; the low income earners, the high income earners (professionals – Accountants, Architects Engineers, Medical Doctors, Pilots and Consultants etc) and the Small and Medium Enterprises...Read more

Business Pension Plan

With the new Pension Bill signed into law, employers with at least three employees can now fully be part of the scheme. One of the benefits of this scheme is that it lightens the burden of workers’ pension and gratuity on the employer by means of regular monthly contributions. The workers’ pension is adequately invested for the entire period of his employment...Read more

SME Pension Plan

The Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) sector is largely regarded as the driving force behind the country’s formal and informal sectors’ economic growth since they serve as sources of innovation, creating numerous jobs and employment to people with requisite skills in order to generate revenue for growth...Read more

Frequently Asked Questions

This Scheme is contributory (employer and employee), fully funded, privately managed, third party custody of the funds and assets, it is based on individual accounts (Retirement Savings Accounts).

It ensures that everyone who has worked for the Public or Private Sector receives his or her pension benefits as and when due.

You are eligible to enroll under the Contributory Pension Scheme if you work for the Federal Government, Federal Capital Territory and Private organization employing at least 3 people and State that has joined the Scheme.

• Sound corporate governance

• Credible, experienced, diversified and balanced board of directors

• Strong, professional and dedicated Management Team and staff

• Strong investment skills, providing consistent superior returns.

• Excellent customer experience

• World class IT infrastructure and communication platforms

• Easily accessible

This is a pension account maintained with a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) into which monthly contributions of employer and employee are paid. The RSA is defined by a unique Personal Identification Number (PIN) issued by the National Pension Commission (PenCom).

An employee can move from one employer to another and from one PFA to another (when the transfer window opens) with the same PIN.

A minimum of 18% of monthly Basic Salary, Housing and Transport allowances, with the Employer contributing at least 10%.

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FCMB Pensions Limited is duly licensed by the National Pension Commission (PenCom), to carry on business as a Pension Fund Administrator (PFA).

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The sole objective of FCMB Pensions Limited (PFA) is to administer, invest and manage pension funds in strict adherence to guidelines.

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